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World globe with Australia in the foreground and a rising sun.
Opinions & Analysis

A newly Creative Australia

With Labor coming into power, they want to hit the ground running using their previous Creative Australia policy. Ben Francis…


Sector celebrates Labor win

Peak bodies welcome the new Labor government and the many Greens and Independents who were also elected on Saturday.

Man (Paul Fletcher) examining ceramic works of a woman (Judith Inkamala) in an art gallery
Opinions & Analysis

Opinion: We don’t take the arts sector for granted

Standing on their record for the arts, Paul Fletcher offers his ideas for the future of the arts should they…

Opinions & Analysis

‘Labor to deliver landmark cultural policy’ (eventually)

Should our next cultural policy acknowledge rising inequality, falling wages, and the erosion of the environment and democracy, Julian Meyrick…


Labor promises new cultural policy ahead of election

Instead of announcing an arts policy prior to Saturday’s election, the ALP has pledged to develop a national cultural policy…

Opinions & Analysis

Opinion: Why the arts matter to the Greens

Artists-in-residence in schools, a minimum performance fee, and accessible arts education for all are among the Greens' arts policies.


Greens pitch artist’s wage (again)

10,000 artists and arts workers could receive nearly $800 a week for one year based off the Greens' latest pledge.

Fingers drop a voting form into a slot in a stylised image of Australia.
Opinions & Analysis

Election looming, so where is the arts policy?

We don’t need to wait for political parties to release formal arts and cultural policies when their unwritten policies are…


Why Australia needs a national Ministry for Culture

Australia needs to mature as a nation by taking its arts and culture seriously, writes Jo Caust.

Opinions & Analysis

Opinion: Why the arts are an election issue for the SA Greens

We need a public conversation about why we seem to think it’s standard practice for artists to be ‘broke and…

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