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A drawing of a calculator and receipts labelled TAX
Career Advice

What DGR tax changes will mean to arts orgs

To receive financial gifts organisations must be registered as a charity now. Make sure you're up to date with the…


$100M pledged to NGV Contemporary

The Fox Family makes the largest cultural gift for a capital program ever to an Australian art museum by a…


They said no, but we still bought the building

How a regional community of artists cemented its future.


Making the funding ask more human (and successful)

When things feel bleak, The Australian Cultural Fund is hitting opportunities out of the ballpark to fund artists’ projects.


How to grow a small to medium arts organisation

Artspace proves that taking the longer road pays off, literally, when growing a small arts organisation.


Was the Sydney Festival boycott justifiable to support Palestine?

Dr Ben Saul, Professor of International Law at The University of Sydney, explains why boycotts are needed and necessary.

Image of Mr Ben Franklin wearing a pink shirt, to become new arts minister

New Arts Minister for NSW

Incoming MP Ben Franklin has big shoes to fill in following Don Harwin.

Opinions & Analysis

The arts need to reboot for salary equity

Did JobKeeper advance the case for a universal artist salary?


Securing arts money in uncertain times

As the sector seeks support for its post-pandemic future, how are sponsors and donors feeling about their capacity to give?


The real story of COVID's impact on QLD regional galleries

Museums & Galleries Queensland Rebekah Butler reveals some hidden tolls of the pandemic in her state.