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A national celebration of poetry’s diversity

A month of readings, events and workshops takes off in August to showcase diverse poetic talents and the breadth of…

A grey-haired woman wearing a white shirt and white-framed glasses sits in front of a crowded bookcase.

The work will outlast the life: Gwen Harwood as feminist icon

Gwen Harwood may be one of Australia’s most celebrated 20th century poets but has often not been seen for the…


John Kinsella on creative collaboration

The complexity and rewards of co-writing poetry across oceans and cultures.

A grey-haired woman in a purple dress on a grey background

Incoming: Adelaide Writers' Week Director

Former publisher Louise Adler has been announced as the next Adelaide Writers’ Week Director with plans to reawaken writers and…

Several customers browse a table of books

Has digital debunked the book fair?

With the pandemic closing down major events in the publishing industry, the virtual book fair offers advantages and challenges.


Poetry helping us understand the climate crisis

Poetry allows us feel the full emotional impact of climate change, says Cardiff Metropolitan University's Christina Thatcher.


Why bookshops are good for you

Browsing in bookshops is good for our psychological health, making Love Your Bookshop Day all the more important.

A man with crossed arms and face mask stands in front of a road with a mosque in the background

Writers seek solidarity in lockdowns

Surviving lockdown isn’t easy, but some Western Sydney writers believe reading the stories of people from diverse backgrounds can help…


How festivals are coming out of COVID

After 2020’s postponements, festivals are back with a renewed focus on the local, exciting audiences across the nation.