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Opportunities and Awards Wrap

Applications open for writers fellowship, Brett Whiteley Travelling Art Scholarship, new public art commission for Aboriginal artists, and recipients announced…


Exhibition Review: Surrealists at Sea, Art Gallery of SA

The first major survey of the Marek brothers rides on a wave of ideas that challenge conventions of Australian art.


How portraiture has changed (or not) in 100 years

On the occasion of the Archibald Prize turning 100, we look at what that history means to contemporary making, drawing…


Exhibition Review: Ramsay Art Prize, Art Gallery of SA

For its third edition, the Ramsay Art Prize cements its reputation for edgy materiality, while staying open to new making…


ArtsHub speaks with $100,000 Ramsay Art Prize winner, Kate Bohunnis

South Australian artist Kate Bohunnis has won the Ramsay with a kinetic sculpture that explores the oscillation between function and…


Charting a region impacted by COVID, we look at the 10th Asia Pacific Triennial

QAGOMAs Head of Asian and Pacific Art reflects on a trajectory of change – and more recent COVID impacts –…


Exhibition Review: Solid Gold: Artists from Paradise, Hota Gallery

An impressive collection hang speaks to a legacy of patronage, while the inaugural exhibition Solid Gold celebrates local artists -…


Curatoriums are the new programming superpower

As the Biennale of Sydney unveils its new curatorium, we look at shifting exhibition models in a post-pandemic rethink, as…

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