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Getting serious about Australian music

Our live music scene is internationally renowned but threatened at home, a situation Dr Ianto Ware is keen to address.


Opera’s Triple Threat

An over-long performance detracted from some strong performances and powerful compositions.

Opinions & Analysis

The parlous state of Australian art music

Taxpayer funding of orchestras should be dependent on Australian content.



EMI: The sixth studio album from Icelandic post-rock band Sigur Rós is the group’s most introspective and ambient release to…


Love Never Dies

REGENT THEATRE: Magnificent staging and strong performances can’t hide the hollow heart of Lloyd Webber’s latest musical monolith. Three stars.


The Art of the Pianist/Composer

RIVERSIDE THEATRE: The Art of the Pianist/Composer is an exploration of the better known pianist/composers starting with Bach, Beethoven, Tchaikovsky…


Ben Cousins: A Rock Opera

MELBOURNE INTERNATIONAL COMEDY FESTIVAL: Ben Cousins the 'bad boy' (among a few I'm sure) of Australian Rules was a logical…


Life’s A Circus: Theatre Works

It’s not very often that a new Australian musical is written these days, especially in the times of the US…


MUSIC REVIEW: 21st Century Australian Composers

21st Century Australian Composers Program 2008-09, Finalists Concert, Melbourne Symphony Orchestra Iwaki Auditorium, 4 February 2009, Melbourne.

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