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Dance review: Outside Within

This first offering under Australian Dance Theatre's new Artistic Director highlights collective creativity.


Long term COVID impacts beset sector

The cumulative impact of repeated cancellations and lost work opportunities will affect the sector for years to come.


How RISING will dance up a winter storm

Over 12 nights, the winter arts festival RISING will transform familiar parts of Melbourne into wild new worlds.


Dance review: Petrushka (Game, Set, Match)

Love and ballet play out on a tennis court in this new work choreographed by Scott Elstermann.


How to make your tour greener

A new toolkit will help performing arts companies reduce the environmental impact of their tours.


Dance review: Thomas Woodman, A dead-end in itself

An exploration into our ceaseless fixation with mass media channels.


Dance review: Exposed, Restless Dance Theatre

A new work exploring vulnerability, trust and community in public spaces for those with a disability.


Dance review: Benjamin Hurley's UpAndUpAndUpAndUp

A captivating performance from a rising star.


Dance review: Pia Lauritz, Billy Soy

A fun, neon-lit, slapstick drag performance.


5 tips before touring: a holistic view

Australasian Dance Collective shares their top tips to navigate the many moving parts of touring.

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