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Ian Fairweather: Late Works 1953-1974

Many works from private collections very rarely seen by the public are featured in this exhibition, which focuses on the…



Contemporary circus company Circa return home to Brisbane with a self-titled production that has dazzled and delighted audiences the world…


Some Dumb Play

This experiment in allowing audience members to direct the production's narrative is ultimately unsuccessful.


Leftovers (From a Dream)

Presented as part of the 19th 2high Festival, this engaging work is the debut creation of new company, The Leftovers.


Dusty Limits – Post Mortem

Brisbane manages to produce great artists like Dusty Limits from time to time, but she has never yet learnt how…


The Kransky Sisters

Part gothic, part Church choir and part Country Women’s Association, with a dash of the Addams Family and a splash…


Jest Like Danny Kaye

Russell Fletcher sings and stutters, stumbles and stomps his way through aspects of Kaye’s life and career in this engaging…


Managing Carmen

David Williamson’s new play about a cross-dressing footballer is crass, clunky and clichéd.


The Wau Wau Sisters’ Last Supper

Once in a blue moon, a theatre production turns out to be exactly as its promo material claims.


New public art for Brisbane courts

A permanent public art installation by some of the three major artists residence in the Brisbane CBD.

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