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Wherefore art thou gender-equity?

Has the good fight been lost? The representation of women in creative leadership roles in the theatre has hardly improved…


Professor John O’Toole, National Curriculum Arts

The National Curriculum for the Arts is at the draft consultation stage. The lead writer is Professor John O’Toole. His…


Wendy Lorenz, head of Noteworthy at the CSO

Pianist and teacher Wendy Lorenz heads the Canberra Symphony Orchestra the Noteworthy music education program for schools in the ACT.


Lucy and the Lost Boy at NICA

Final year students at the National Institute of Circus Arts present a performance inspired by Melbourne’s street artists from June…


99.8%: The Attrition Rate of Artists in Australia

We’re all born artists but only 0.2% of all Australians will make it their life. Somewhere along the way the…


Top 10 women in Australian theatre

Who are the most inspiring women in the Australian theatre scene? ArtsHub outlines who to watch out for and be…


The Curious Case of Peta Hanrahan

Peta Hanrahan, the artistic director of Melbourne's Dog Theatre, shares her views on Australia Council's Women in Theatre report.


Martin Langford

Martin Langford Martin has published six books of poetry and sits on the judging panel for the 2012 Blake Poetry…

Career Advice

Dress for success

Whether we like it or not, fashion has a way of revealing hidden aspects of our personality, and a good…

Career Advice

Don't fear failure

There’s no denying that the cold, hard sting of failure can make you feel like running for the hills, but…

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