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Crafting crime fiction

If you want to make a career of writing fiction, you might want to seriously think about a life in…


Tragic tale comes to Northcote Town Hall

Lungs filled with water, hearts seized with dread; not long married, too soon dead. This is Daniela Vlaskalic's The Drowning…


Simply ‘Chick Lit’? Forget it.

Women writers are consistently underrepresented by reviews and awards. But lady literary heavyweights are fighting back with the Australian Women…


Theatre captioning goes mobile

In a world first, deaf and hearing impaired patrons in Australia can now access theatre captioning from their own smartphones…


Luke Clayson

Luke graduated as an actor from AC Arts in 2005 during which he performed in Puberty Blues, The Trial and…


Geoff Cobham

Meet the man behind Adelaide Festival's shanty town of celebration - the Barrio.


Griffith REVIEW Surviving Edition 35

Learning and reflecting from disaster - ”Surviving” explores tales of extraordinary battles and random brushes with fate.


Film Festivals join forces for art house

The Adelaide, Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane Film Festivals have come together to throw their weight behind the release of niche…

Career Advice

How will the interview be structured?

While interviews aren’t always the same, they often follow a pretty general structure that once you’re aware of can help…


Black Saturday documentary to air on ABC2

The Black Saturday fires have been made into a documentary which is set to screen on the 3rd anniversary of…

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