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Crowdsourcing video production platform launches, Australia’s first crowdsourcing platform for video production officially launched this week.


Robyn Arianrhod

Robyn Arianrhod is a writer and a mathematician whose work has been translated into several languages.


Contemporary Australia: Women

GALLERY OF MODERN ART: The second exhibition in the Contemporary Australia series celebrates the diversity, energy and innovation of Australian…


ArtsHub's Top 5 authors to look out for

People love lists. At ArtsHub, we love lists too. We also love writing, so we figured we’d combine the two…


PICA announces Schenberg Art Prize winner

Perth Institute of Contemporary Art (PICA) announced Lachlan Petras as winner of the $35,000 Dr Harold Schenberg Art Prize


Making money out of your rights

Paying rightsholders for the use of their work is easier thanks to the CAL Rights Portal, and soon it will…


Catherine Deveny

Deveny would describe her work to a complete stranger as "Australia's biggest fraud"


Graham Hay

Graham Hay has developed an international reputation for his unique paperclay and compressed paper sculptures and techniques.


Swedish student wins Google photography prize

The Google Photography Prize has announced a winner, Swedish student Viktor Johansson, 24, has walked away with the winning title…


Survival of the freelancer: 7 quick tips

As artists, musicians or writers, one of our goals is often simply “to do it for a living”.

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