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Theatre Review: The Cherry Orchard (Perth Festival)

The BBQ is lit, the vodka is poured... it's time to party like it's 1988… or is it?


Theatre Review: Whistleblower, The Last Great Hunt (Perth Festival)

Fast-paced, high-stakes interactive improvisation, featuring audience volunteers, as slickly delivered live-stream directed work.


The magic is back: Harry Potter and the Cursed Child returns to the stage

Actors discover muscle memory propelling them across the stage after 49 weeks off, and also discuss the impact of J.K.…


Theatre Review: The Sum of Us (Perth Festival)

Yirra Yaakin’s The Sum of Us is a tale of a strong family bond, ageing, queerness and the dance we…


Theatre review: The Boy Who Talked to Dogs, Slingsby/STCSA (Adelaide Festival)

The real-life story of dog-whisperer Martin McKenna, whose life took him from misery in Limerick to a new life in…


Theatre Review: House (Perth Festival)

A story of such depth and nuance that there is enough to tantalise both children and adults alike.


Theatre Review: STC's Playing Beatie Bow

A joyful production to appeal delightfully to young and old.


Theatre Review: Fangirls (Adelaide Festival)

A sassy musical that looks into the heart of being a boyband music fan.


Theatre Review: Young Frankenstein, Hayes Theatre

This often nonsensical pastiche of a show features great production and an eight-person cast work hard for their money –…


Lighting the FUSE on an explosion of community creativity

Growth, change and adaptability are key elements of any creative practice, whether of individual artists or local councils, especially in…

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