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Theatre Review: Much Ado about Nothing by TheatreiNQ

The Bard’s most farcical play was a flawless choice for TheatreiNQ's pandemic-aware return to the stage.


Cabaret, theatre and a new Fringe: Brisbane’s arts sector fights back after COVID

Queensland Theatre is rehearsing its first production since March, while plans for the latest Queensland Cabaret Festival and a new…


Theatre review: Welcome to the Masque by Riverside Theatres Digital

In this scary era of the rampant COVID-19, a live theatre performance like Welcome to the Masque was a rare…


Theatre review: Biladurang 2.0 from VCR Fest

For Melbourne Fringe's VCR Fest, Joel Bray adapts his multi award-winning Fringe hit for the screen with 'Biladurang 2.0.'


What Darwin Festival learned about operating in a pandemic

The homegrown Darwin Festival 2020 created a palpable sense of community despite adhering to social distancing guidelines.


Review: Mouthpiece, Adelaide Festival (SA)

Kieran Hurley’s thrilling drama interrogates poverty porn clichés, the rules of playwriting, and asks who has the right to tell…


Review: Cold Blood, Adelaide Festival (SA)

Technically adept and visually striking, this Belgian production uses miniature sets, live video editing and the performers’ fingers to bring…


Review: Dimanche, Adelaide Festival (SA)

Inventive puppetry tells a story of environmental collapse in a family-friendly show that ventures into bleak territory.


Review: The Doctor, Adelaide Festival (SA)

Exquisitely written and performed, this drama about identity, gender, faith and science is mesmerising and utterly of the moment.


Adelaide Fringe at 60

Over six decades to date, the Adelaide Fringe has been both a playground and a career springboard for Australian and…

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