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PayPal Melbourne Fashion Festival’s Independent Programme

Fashion Illustration Workshops

Get ready for a fun, immersive fashion illustration workshop experience!


PayPal Melbourne Fashion Festival’s Independent Programme

All Fur Coat and No Knickers

All Fur Coat & No Knickers is a fashion illustration and textile exhibition by illustrator and designer Eirian Chapman.

Festivals & Programs

The Johnston Collection

FASHION HOUSES: Fashion Designers at Home with Peter McNeil

The very words ‘house of’ suggest an intimate relationship between fashion designing, retailing and living. Delve into the history of…

Festivals & Programs

The Johnston Collection

WELL HEELED: Shoes Through Time with Claudia Chan Shaw

Join Claudia Chan Shaw for an intriguing look at our fascination with shoes and the stories behind them

LISA GORMAN + MIRKA MORA, installation view at Warrnambool Art Gallery. Photo: Supplied. An exhibition space partitioned with orange, dark turquoise and pink sheer curtains. In front of the curtains hang embroideries by Mirka Mora and clothing by Gorman x Mirka.

Exhibition review: LISA GORMAN + MIRKA MORA: To breathe with the rhythm of the heart, Warrnambool Art Gallery

A lyrical and symbiotic pairing of fashion design, sculptural installations, painting, embroideries and more by two Australian icons.

Cover of Erin Visagie's honours project featuring works by (left to right, top to bottom) Ishani Buff, Suleiman Thomas, Jamela Boutique, Carlin Stephenson, ANNANASA and Mastani. Image: Supplied.
Opinions & Analysis

Cultural diversity in Australia's fashion industry: a call for true representation

How far does Australia have to go to do justice to CALD representation in fashion?

Ishani Buff working on her '555 visions' exhibition. Image: Ishani Buff.

Beyond the runway: unveiling the multicultural mosaic of Australia’s fashion frontier

It's time to celebrate, converse and collaborate with Australian CALD fashion creatives for better representation in fashion and fashion journalism.

ganbu marra runway. Image is huge immersive space with Indigenous imagery and small figures parading their fashions on the floor.

Event review: ganbu marra runway, THE LUME

The mesmerising ganbu marra runway, with THE LUME’s 'Connections' exhibition as its backdrop, highlighted cultural elegance and excellence.


Towards continuum: behind the hardware of digital art

Understanding the self and the future in digital art through artists from the Asian Australian diaspora in collaboration with Sugar…

Fashion. Five First Nations people sit on an outcrop of rocks in black T shirts and wearing or displaying a range of handmade fashion accessories.

The trajectory of remote First Nations fashion

First Nations fashion, from remote Australia, takes wearable art to city streets. Involvement in the sector has the potential for…

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