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Career Advice

The essential job interview question to ask (from the archives)

When conducting job interviews, often it's a curly question that reveals the person who's the best cultural fit for your…


The turgid trajectory of sculpture in education (from the archives)

To celebrate International Sculpture Day on 24 April, we revisit this 2018 article that asks whether our education system is…

Opinions & Analysis

We need a national day for the arts (from the archives)

Australia has public holidays for agricultural shows, football finals and a horse race. Why don't the arts have a public…

Career Advice

How to survive digital overload - From the archive

A successful blog or community management role has users contacting you 24/7. Here's how to survive.


Why you need a tree change (from the archives)

People working in the arts and creative industries are moving out of the city and finding the tree change to…


20x20: Why we are burning out in the arts

First published in 2015, it would seem we have not yet learnt to manage workloads and expectations – we're still…


20x20: Diversity is a white word

To celebrate 20 years of ArtsHub we rediscovered this article from 2017 looking at diversity in the arts. Have things…

Opinions & Analysis

Why right now is the perfect moment for hope

Feeling a little burnt-out? It's a natural response when hope is in short supply but according to Dr Jackie Bailey,…

Career Advice

What to do when you feel behind

Comparison, setbacks, expectations and pressures can lead to feeling behind in your arts career. Here's how to sidestep the race…


Our new podcast: the ArtsHubbub

The ArtsHubbub – ArtsHub's monthly podcast takes a look inside Australian arts, and the minds of Australian artists. Each episode…

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