To leave, or not to leave – this is the question

Three creatives reveal how the grass is greener where you water it, and how their arts practices were enhanced by a leap into the unknown.
Leave. Adam Wheeler speaks of moving back to Tasmania after 17 years in Melbourne. Image: ‘Body Body Commodity’ by Jenni Large and Tasdance. Photo: Gabriel Comerford. Three dancers on a dark stage wear pastel-coloured leotards and play with large shape forms on their bodies, while in the background a solo violinist is spotlit.

At some stage in their arts practice, an artist may feel the urge to pursue their creativity in another state or even in another country. This decision to leave is not easy, with many factors to take into account. While the pros and cons need to be considered, the potential benefits of this move are what will ultimately become the deciding factor. 

For those who are away from home, the idea, possibility, or even the need to return may become prominent, especially in the past few years. While it could take some time to come to terms with this idea, often it is only when back home again that an artist can fully comprehend the true wealth of their stint away. 

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Art sparks my imagination. Uplifts my soul. Without it, I would shrivel up and become dust. An aimless wanderer searching for that next theatre fix, book fix, cinema fix. My first play was cathartic in reconciling my past so that I could be present in the present.