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Theatre review: Talking to the Future

A peek at our nation’s political past confirms that the more things change, the more they stay the same.

Crowds gather beneath glittering lights hanging beneath the soft evening sky.

Escape winter’s chill for a cultural feast like no other

Darwin Festival’s 2022 program offers the perfect blend of artistic experiences, outdoor dining and balmy weather – perfect for those…


Concert review: Serenity, ASO

A rich musical smorgasbord with a world premiere performance and a dazzling display by acclaimed violinist Emily Sun.

Gallery of suitcases suspended with red string by artist Chiharu Shiota.

Unravelling Chiharu Shiota’s threads of humanity

Studying in Australia played a huge part in shaping the career of internationally celebrated installation artist Chiharu Shitoa, currently showing…


ARIs 'worried about their livelihoods' as pandemic drags on

What concerns are artist-run-initiatives in Adelaide and Canberra facing post lockdowns?


Young creatives travel to Melbourne for Australian Youth Dance Festival

The showcase of emerging talent brings together 70 youth dancers from seven companies across the country to collaborate and work…


Opportunities and awards

National Arts and Disability Awards open for nominations, research fellowships on offer plus winners of 2022 Fifty Squared Art Prize…


Exhibition review: Transforming Worlds, NGV International

An exhibition that looks at change and tradition - as well as COVID - in contemporary Indian art and society.

Comedian Rachel Berger looks into the camera. She has wavy brown hair and wears large hoop earings and an orange jacket.

How stand-up comedy is helping cancer patients tell their stories

The therapeutic possibilities of comedy are being explored at the Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre through workshops run by Rachel Berger.


Book review: Big Beautiful Female Theory, Eloise Grills

Grills critiques the fetishisation of aesthetic counterpoints by highlighting the ‘to-be-looked-at-ness’ of her own personal journey.

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