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Breakup campaign wins Cannes Lions

It was the tired platitude “It’s not you, it’s me. I’ve changed,” that framed the year’s most innovative Public Relations…


2011 Miles Franklin winner Kim Scott

MILES FRANKLIN LITERARY AWARD: Speaking with ArtsHub the morning after winning this year’s $50,000 Miles Franklin Award, Kim Scott is…


Ballerina Kirsty Martin announces retirement

Australian Ballerina Kirsty Martin has announced that she will retire, and will finish her career with the Ballet’s Melbourne season…


New Sydney Festival project

The Sydney Festival, an annual cultural celebration, have announced their fundraising plans to stage an aboriginal theatre, music and film…


Asprins and Vultures

1000£BEND: In a conjunction of styles, El Tarro presented an innovative show featuring film, performance, food and music from across…


Picasso masterpiece boosts funding for University

SYDNEY UNIVERSITY: A rarely seen Picasso masterpiece donated anonymously to the University of Sydney has sold for £13.5 million (A$20.6…


What to Expect: The Best of the Festival of Voices

Get into the mood for this year’s Festival of Voices with a video journey through past performances from past friends.


How to get more private support for the arts?

REVIEW OF PRIVATE SECTOR SUPPORT: The Federal Government's Review of Private Sector Support for the Arts is open for public…


Serena Lillywhite

Serena Lillywhite is Oxfam Australia's Mining Advocacy Coordinator.


Brenda Humble passes away

Artist and historian Brenda Humble has passed away at 77 (1933 - 2011).

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