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Book review: Me, Her, Us, Yen-Rong Wong

A bristling collection about race, sex, familial expectation and identity from a writer with lived experience.

White chalk on a black board. The top line is the letter A connected in squiggly line to the letter B, the bottom line is the letter A with a straight line to letter B.

Accessible writing is for everyone

Accessible writing can be divided into two categories: plain language and Easy Read.


Book review: The Empty Honour Board, Martin Flanagan

A memoir about boarding school days and the abuse that occurred there, forever shadowing Flanagan's life.


Book review: Storytellers, Leigh Sales

Over 30 Australian journalists offer a behind-the-scenes look at how the news is made.

Book review: Broke, Sam Drummond

A memoir about the intersection between disability and financial precarity advocates for compassion.

Cover image of Love, Dad: Confessions of an anxious father (left), Image of white male (author Laurie Steed) in business casual leaning on his hand

Book review: Love, Dad, Laurie Steed

Parenting and a career in the arts push on writer Laurie Steed in this punchy memoir.


Book review: Big Meg, Tim Flannery and Emma Flannery

A fascinating insight into the detective work of shark fossils.


Book review: Prudish Nation, Paul Dalgarno

Over 30 authors offer their perspectives on "unconventional" relationships.


CoUNTess – spoiling illusions about the arts since 2008

Revealing the sad truth about gender equity in the Australian art world.


Iconoclastic and empowered: the new wave of Middle Eastern Australian women writers

MENA women writers are gaining momentum in major literary prizes and across the nation’s bookstores, but is this movement iconoclastic?

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