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Corners of Melbourne. Image on left is a book cover showing a black and white image of a grand building with several hatted men in the foreground. Image on the right is a smiling grey-haired woman in a check shirt wearing glasses.

Book review: Corners of Melbourne, Robyn Annear

Anyone with a love of Melbourne history will find this book enthralling.

I Don't. Image is of an author sitting in a leather armchair, knees pulled up to her chest and with a hand under her chin looking at the camera. She is blonde and next to the chair is a large-leafed plant that is as tall as she is. On the right of the image is the book cover in black and white with a diagonal slant down the middle and the author's name in pink, plus the book's subtitle.

Book review: I Don't, Clementine Ford

Clementine Ford shows us how life could be for women if they weren't shackled to marriage.

Bee Miles. Image is an author shot of a woman with short red hair, glasses and a tan jacket. On the right is a book cover in blue with large yellow lettering and the small figure of a woman.

Book review: Bee Miles, Rose Ellis

Bee Miles was punished for daring to defy conventional expectations of female behaviour.

Unfinished Woman. Image is two side by side shots of a woman in a black jumper with shoulder length blonde hair. She is smiling in both. On the left is a colour shot of her leaning on her elbow with her cheek on her fist, and on the right is a black and white book cover with the title in cursive white font at the bottom.

Book review: Unfinished Woman, Robyn Davidson

A memoir by the best-selling author of 'Tracks', revisits an eventful life, including the death of her mother and the…

Kinky History. Image is a headshot of a women with long wavy hair holding up a finger to her face in a cheeky manner and on the right a pink bookcover featuring a hand holding an aubergine.

Book review: Kinky History, Esmé Louise James

A well-researched yet exuberant exploration of kinky sexual practices throughout the ages.

Mood. Image is non-binary person with short dark hair and sleeveless black top sitting in a chair, right is a book cover of pastels, the word MOOD in large letters and a big black blob in the middle of it all.

Book review: Mood, Roz Bellamy

Mood is a memoir that explores mental illness, queerness and relationships.

Full Coverage. Image is twofold: on the right a book cover with the words Full Coverage in white on a red background over a leather jacket clad guitarist, so all we can see is the musician's torso and hand. On the left is an author head and shoulders shot of a man with a ginger beard, brown and black baseball cap and checkered shirt.

Book review: Full Coverage, Samuel J Fell

The story of Australian rock journalism is a wild ride of luck, tenacity and incredulity.

Ballet Confidential. A two part image with a man in dark suit, white shirt and white tie with very defined cheekbones on the left and a book cover of the torsos of a male and dancer lifting a female dancer on the right.

Book review: Ballet Confidential by David McAllister

Behind the scenes of the glamorous world of tights, tiaras and tutus.

Fake Heroes. Book cover and picture of author on the left, a man with a red beard and receding hairline.

Book review: Fake Heroes, Otto English

Fake Heroes features 10 notable people from history's pages, and reveals what they were really like.

Gunasekera. Production still from ‘You're So Brave’. Photo: Rama Dolman. The image shows a female figure holding a microphone in the centre against a stage with red light and two projector panels on each side.

Patrick Gunasekera and Georgi Ivers: two artists and their journeys in crip time

Care can come in the form of time, patience, flexibility and community engagement in a world that still poses so…

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