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Catalyst funds returned to Australia Council

Approximately $61 million in uncommitted funding over four years will be returned to the Australia Council, the final nail in…


Why your brain wants you knitting

Albert Einstein, Julia Gillard, Eleanor Roosevelt and Christopher Walken all knitted. Maybe that's why they were more successful than you.

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Nightmare chairs and how to survive them

The chairs who run arts boards are usually corporate successes and often rich and powerful. But that doesn't necessarily mean…


$10 an hour: harsh realities before Senate Inquiry

The Senate hearing on arts funding in Hobart was told the arts sector in Tasmania is close to collapse.


Budget shock decimates Australia Council

Australia’s arts industry is in shock after a dramatic intervention by Minister George Brandis in tonight’s budget.

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Are you tax-deductible?

Donations to individual artists are not usually tax-deductible, but crowdsourcing could provide new opportunities.


How to make philanthropy work for you

The old rules won’t necessarily work with a new generation of donors employing different funding structures.


Audience development: turning the launch into an art form

Dunking machines, art installations and a goat – is this the secret to a great season launch?

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Acing a phone interview

Having to complete a job interview over the phone can be a blessing or a curse, but with a few…

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