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You only get six seconds to impress

A recent report from job-matching service The Ladders cites studies show hiring managers spend an average of six seconds reviewing…


How to work the room

You see them at parties and opening nights, those well-connected people who seem to be able to speak with everyone…

Career Advice

Preparing for your first day at work

Whether you’re entering your first job or your tenth, here are some tips to help you ace that all-important first…

Career Advice

Alcohol and networking - What's the right balance?

To drink or not to drink while networking?

Career Advice

What exactly is LinkedIn?

How to get the most of one of the newer social media networks on the block.

Career Advice

How to cold call

Cold calling can be a great way to find work, but how do you woo a complete stranger?

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How to discuss salary in an interview

The dreaded question: salary. It’s the one on everybody’s lips, but how do you best approach it in a job…

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Career Advice

Focus on the selection criteria

Keeping the selection criteria in mind will help you answer interview questions effectively.

Career Advice

Rejoining the Workforce

Tips for returning after a break from paid work.

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Spread it Around

The best jobs are not advertised.

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