‘Keeping it real’ on social media

With over 80,000 followers, internationally-renowned New Zealand artist Mr G (AKA Graham Hoete) knows a thing or two about social media. He discusses authenticity, strategy, and why it’s never a bad thing to put yourself out there.

For the past decade, I’ve been sharing my art, my journey, and the real me with over 80,000 combined followers across my social platforms.

My ‘hononga’ or connection with my social media followers has to be authentic. Whether I’m sharing a piece of art or a video of me opening kina, it’s important that it comes from a place of authenticity, because audiences connect best with people that are just being real. 

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Mr G
About the Author
MR.G aka GRAHAM HOETE is a contemporary multi-disciplinary artist  and designer. Learn more about his practice at www.mrghoeteart.com.