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R Nott is a reporter and book critic. @we_forgot

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Book review: Killing Sydney, Elizabeth Farrelly, Pan Macmillan

A passionate cri de coeur to diagnose the ills of the city and save it from overdevelopment.


Book Review: Fire Flood Plague by Sophie Cunningham

While we struggle with COVID and global warming narratives, Fire Flood Plague offers news perspectives on what has happened to…


Book Review: Nancy by Bruno Lloret

Nancy uses visual cues and minimalist prose to create an atmospheric, expansive story of melancholy.


Book review: Shirl by Wayne Marshall

Marshall fuses Australiana with magical realism by blending beast, man, fact and fiction in his debut short story collection.


Book review: Death of a Typographer by Nick Gadd

Death of a Typographer is a Melbourne-noir murder mystery with a successfully fantastical and complex plot.


Book review: Coniston by Michael Bradley

What could be Australia’s last and least known genocide is laid bare in Coniston, which occurred just more than 100…


Book review: Aftershocks by Anthony Macris

Aftershocks is Macris’ selected interviews, essays and criticism as he asks, what comes after postmodernism in art?


Book review: Sky Swimming by Sylvia Martin

Biographer Sylvia Martin finally turns her pen on herself.


Book review: Heide by Pi O

The third instalment in Melbourne poet Π.O’s trilogy is a playful journey through Australian art history.


Dry Milk by Huo Yan

Huo Yan’s atmospheric novella focuses on international communities and misanthropic loneliness.

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