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R Nott is a reporter and book critic. @we_forgot

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Book Review: Writing the Country by Griffith Review

A diverse range of styles, voices and topics explore Australia in the Anthropocene age.


Review: Beside Myself by Sasha Marianna Salzmann

Beside Myself is fiction at its highest purpose – a debut novel that comes straight from the gates like a…


Review: Zebra and Other Stories, by Debra Adelaide

Adelaide’s sharp, casual, to-the-point sentences are both silently aesthetic on the page and a pleasure to read aloud.


Review: You Will Always Be Someone From Somewhere Else by Dao Strom

In poems, Dao Strom attacks the origin of the words she’s learned since leaving Vietnam for America.


Review: Wednesdays with Bob by Derek Rielly

From his balcony overlooking Sydney Harbour, Hawke sits down with Rielly to talk love, politics, friends, foes, and death.


Review: The Librarian of Auschwitz by Antonio Iturbe

The potential in The Librarian of Auschwitz turns from a potential page-turner into a page-counter.


Review: PIGEONHOLED, Going Down Swinging Press

PIGEONHOLED is an act of defiance as much as it is a swing at the glass ceiling of genre writing.


Review: Danger Music by Eddie Ayres, Allen and Unwin

Ayres teaches us the transcendental power of music, Afghanistan’s fighting spirit and the peaks and valleys of the Middle East.


Review: My Country by David Marr, Black Inc.

David Marr’s anthology, My Country, burns the names of those who fall under his crosshairs into their political headstones.


Review: Preservation by Jock Serong, Text Publishing

Preservation tells the story of three sea merchants from the Sydney Cove, marooned on Colonial Australia.

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