R Nott

R Nott is a reporter and book critic. @we_forgot

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On Drugs by Chris Fleming

Academic Chris Fleming’s memoir is confronting, interesting, reassuring and offers insight into who and what drug addicts are.


Solitary by Albert Woodfox

Solitary is a powerful insight into the fractured US prison system and a heartening story of human rights and justice.


Book Review: Empirical by Lisa Gorton

Gorton’s meditations take on a contemporary romanticism towards Melbourne and contrast it with the history of empire.


Book Review: Dead Right by Richard Denniss

Dead Right shows us that economics is not a force of nature but something voters and politicians are directly in…


Review: Wake In Fright, Malthouse Theatre (VIC)

Zahra Newman performs Kenneth Cook's Australian Gothic story of alcoholism and machismo in this one-woman show directed by Declan Greene.


Book Review: Halibut on the Moon by David Vann

Halibut on the Moon is a tragic biographical fiction on divorce, the nuclear family, maleness, guns and suicidal depression.


Book Review: City of Trees by Sophie Cunningham

Cunningham’s essays on love, travel and nature humanise trees and animals, mixing the Anthropocene with the romantic.


Book Review: A Season on Earth by Gerald Murnane

A fantastic introduction for serious fiction readers and a panoramic view of one of Melbourne's most important literary characters.


Book Review: Exploded View by Carrie Tiffany

The strange and dangerous psychological space Tiffany inhabits focuses on small details that make up the whole.


Book Review: What I Like About Me by Jenna Guillaume

Guillaume's debut YA novel chooses to uplift rather than shoot teenagers in a barrel. And that's laudable.

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