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Powerhouse Residency open for applications. L-R: Stefania Gertis, Jenny Kee, Iordanes Spyridon Gogos. Photo: Zan Wimberley. Three peopel wearing colourful sculptural garments standing in a studio space with white walls. The garments have dreamy tones of pink, purple and bnlue, with sculptural bits poking out like patterned paper cuts.

Opportunities and awards

New funding for music, circus, regional arts and more, plus winners at the PDAs and AWGIEs.

Performances & Gigs

Riverside Theatres

Wild Dogs Under My Skirt

An exhilarating theatrical poetry experience

job interview. Three women at a desk, two with their backs to the camera, one on the other side being interviewed.
Career Advice

Toolkit for hiring staff

Hire well and you will save yourself a lot of problems later on. ArtsHub looks at the key steps in…

People point to news on laptop screen. Arts news.

This week's arts news and trending topics

We break it – you read it. This week's top arts news stories.

Anne-Marie Te Whiu holding a copy of Woven.

Book review: Woven, edited by Anne-Marie Te Whiu

A poetry collection that weaves together First Nations voices from around the globe.

Two of Blak and Bright festival guests, Deborah Cheetham Fraillon and Tony Birch and Festival Director Jane Harrison. Photos: Supplied.

Blak and Bright is back

The literary festival that platforms and celebrates First Nations artists returns with conversations, workshops and pitching opportunities.

Black and white photo of a woman with curly hair and glasses wearing a black dress. Stella Day Out.

Stella's Big Day Out

The next stop for Stella's free one-day festival is Hobart.

Against a yellow backdrop there is a statuette and five stars and a sprinkling of confetti. Literary judging.
Opinions & Analysis

Literary judging: take a look behind the scenes

ArtsHub answers some frequently asked questions about literary judging.

An Asian woman in her late 40s covered in dry flowers and gold glitter. She is holding an orchid branch with pink blossoms and smiling. The background appears to be an artwork with pink, white and gold abstract strokes.

Opportunities and awards

Workshops for creatives and LGBTQIA+ communities, comedy festival grant recipients, finalists of the Glover Prize and more!

Festivals & Programs

Berry Writers Incorporated

Berry Writers Festival

An intriguing program featuring major and emerging authors as well as noted thought leaders set in the unsurpassed beauty of…

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