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Brisbane dances to a new tune

A new dance festival in February 2017 will provide a new stage for contemporary dance in Queensland and tough competition…


Why we need dance criticism

To preserve ephemeral art forms we need to write about them creatively and exactingly.


Getting diversity in dance right

Leading choreographers discuss the challenges, systemic issues and solutions to ensuring diversity in dance.


Carriageworks celebrates forty years of contemporary Indigenous dance

Carriageworks is set to host a major exhibition surrounding the history of NAISDA in 2016.


Lord of the Dance

Overcooked production values suffocate talented dancers with unicorns, butterflies and sequins.


Sneak preview of Stephen Page’s dance-film Spear

Based on an earlier work choreographed on the dancers of Bangarra, Page’s feature film will have its world premiere in…


Sydney Dance Company’s New Breed

Four emerging choreographers have been selected to create new dance works on the Company.


A different dance language crosses the Tasman

New Zealand and Australia are geographically and culturally linked, but have noticeably different choreographic vocabularies.


Wrapping up the National Dance Forum

Physical communication, learning from sport’s successes, and a focus on inclusion and diversity were highlights of NDF 2015.


Indigenous artists challenge dance sector over lack of representation

Participants at the National Dance Forum challenged the sector over its failure to adequately support Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander…

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