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We need more time to experiment and fail at work

Creativity and innovation will flourish if staff are given more time to imagine and experiment, argues MaroŇ° Serv√°tka.


How to stop comparing and enjoy your own success (from the archives)

Comparing ourselves to other people is only natural, but it can get in the way of us creating our best…

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Navigating flood insurance: where to turn

Have you been impacted by flood damage and are caught in an insurance stalemate? Here are a few tips.


Is design suspended in transition?

On International Design Day we explore the impact of the pandemic on design, and look at design careers facing new…

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So you want my arts job: Aboriginal Art Centre Manager

Working remotely on Country has its challenges, but also its rewards. Bryce Hartnett of Keringke Arts spoke with ArtsHub about…

Don't be the world's best-kept secret. Image: Shutterstock.
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Creatives: try the Know, Like, Trust framework for success

When building work contacts, why not try an approach that champions both strategy and humanity?


From emerging to mid-career: Advice from artists

Building on the momentum is important, but so is being patient, developing self-worth and grounding your practice for a sustainable…

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Tips for engaging an independent producer (from the archives)

Independent artists sometimes have only a vague sense of how working with a producer might benefit them - or even…

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A cure for toxic positivity

What does a positive workplace look like? Beyond the motivational posters, lunchtime yoga, we spoke to two experts about toxic…

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Building a career in comedy

Four comedians talk to ArtsHub about the challenges and triumphs of building a career in this competitive industry.

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