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Is design suspended in transition?

On International Design Day we explore the impact of the pandemic on design, and look at design careers facing new…

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So you want my arts job: Aboriginal Art Centre Manager

Working remotely on Country has its challenges, but also its rewards. Bryce Hartnett of Keringke Arts spoke with ArtsHub about…

Don't be the world's best-kept secret. Image: Shutterstock.
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Creatives: try the Know, Like, Trust framework for success

When building work contacts, why not try an approach that champions both strategy and humanity?


From emerging to mid-career: Advice from artists

Building on the momentum is important, but so is being patient, developing self-worth and grounding your practice for a sustainable…

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Tips for engaging an independent producer (from the archives)

Independent artists sometimes have only a vague sense of how working with a producer might benefit them - or even…

Three yellow balloons, with two having smiley faces
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A cure for toxic positivity

What does a positive workplace look like? Beyond the motivational posters, lunchtime yoga, we spoke to two experts about toxic…

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Building a career in comedy

Four comedians talk to ArtsHub about the challenges and triumphs of building a career in this competitive industry.

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Exit interview: Gallerist Brenda May

After nearly 40-years in the gallery biz, across five different iterations and spaces, Sydney gallerist Brenda May calls it a…

Man laying in art gallery with dog.

What I learnt over my 15 years as a gallerist

Moving to Australia with no network of artists or collectors, Dominik Mersch says that sharing stories has been the key…

Rough stone steps lead a risky path across a fast-flowing stream.
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Going it alone: Taking your next step as a creative entrepreneur

Make 2022 the year your passion transitions from idea to career.

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