Comedy review: Laura Davis: Albatross, DoubleTree By Hilton, MICF 2024

Like a young albatross learning to fly, if you take a leap of faith with this show you will be rewarded.

Laura Davis delivers searing political commentary in Albatross within the guise of a seemingly random set of autobiographical vignettes. The show is without an advertised description, giving it an air of mystery as to what it may be about.

It moves from Melbourne to Edinburgh, from birdwatching to haunted microwaves. Slowly the audience starts to make the connections between the disconnected parts of the various stories – to see the politics underneath.

This is where Davis excels at turning the mundane into the comic while subtly linking it to current political
topics. The skilfully written show has the audience thinking about climate change, colonisation and many other issues, while also having a good time. The show doesn’t work as well when Davis switches to overt statements about politics.

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Albatross is a cleverly put together hour of comedy that makes you laugh while thinking about the big issues.

Tickets: $28.63-$33.76

Laura Davis: Albatross will be performing at DoubleTree by Hilton until 21 April as part of the Melbourne International Comedy Festival (MICF 2024).

Kim Hitchcock is a freelance writer based in Melbourne who has an interest in all art forms and enjoys exploring them locally and abroad. He has completed a Master of Art Curatorship at the University of Melbourne and can be reached at