Comedy review: Best of the Edinburgh Fest, Athenaeum Theatre, MICF 2024

Three comedians in one hour. What more do you want?

So what’s come out of Edinburgh Fringe? Here are three such exhibits: Adam Flood (UK) and Mark Simmons (UK) – with special guest on this night, Ting Lim (Singaporean/Australian). All three, individually have their own stand-up style but collectively they bring much cheer to a full house, with each having 20 minutes in the spotlight.

Lim, who has her own solo show, more than holds her own as the local content (she’s been in Australia for 15 years after migrating from Singapore). Lim got the crowd onside early with mention of how, despite the simplicity of her name, people still stuff it up! Tiny Tim?!

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Flood has a kind of hyper energy to him, and already makes us laugh with his Benedict-Monk style haircut, his humble beginnings hailing from Stoke-on-Trent in England and frenetic dance moves. He’s good at roasting the audience and has an autotune pedal that he uses as musical backup. We get to hear and clap along to a tiny bit of one of his indie band’s tracks. It’s not half bad.

His English compatriot, shaggy-haired Mark Simmons, who also has his own show, is a bit more laconic and laidback. Whereas Flood is confrontational and abrasive, Simmons is soft-spoken and a master of puns and one-liners. Simmons does good improv, asking various people in the front row what their favourite hobbies are so he can riff about them on the spot.

Tickets: $34-$39.90

Best of the Edinburgh Fest will be performed at the Athenaeum until 21 April 2024 as part of the Melbourne International Comedy Festival (MICF 2024).

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