Comedy review: Grace Jarvis: Oh! The Horrors!, Melbourne Town Hall, MICF 2024

Grace Jarvis explores the horrors of the state of the world but has the audience laughing all the way.
Against a pink background a young white woman with long wavy reddish/brown hair wears a T shirt with an image of a monster face and the slogan 'the world is as you are'. Grace Jarvis.

Grace Jarvis has called her new show Oh! The Horrors! to combat the “sweet” image that audiences have had of her – the horror referring to the state of the world today. Jarvis’ pattern recognition ability predicts a dark future. However, she does so in such a way that the audience can laugh before contemplating the world ending.

The jokes cover a wide range of topics, from comparisons between different generations to movies, dealing with chronic medical conditions and dating as an autistic person. Jarvis makes the diverse material work through an energetic stage presence and being an adept conversationalist. It’s like hearing stories from a chatty friend.

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Not every joke lands perfectly, but the vast majority do. She critiques male comedians for excusing problematic jokes as ‘just words’, while at the same time cleverly using words to educate about the breakdown of society while still giving the audience a great time.

Tickets: $25 to $32

Grace Jarvis Oh! The Horrors! will be performing at Melbourne Town Hall until 21 April 2024 as part of the Melbourne International Comedy Festival (MICF 2024).

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