Comedy review: Wankernomics 2.0: As Per My Last Email, Athenaeum Theatre, MICF 2024

Scribble this on your Post-it note: the boys are back with a new show about marinating in office hell.
Two Caucasian men in business attire (no jackets) look seriously at the camera. One is seated, the other leaning on his shoulder.

Those who saw last year’s debut by James Schloeffel (from The Shovel) and Charles Firth (from The Chaser) will be delighted to know that Wankernomics 2.0 is their follow-up show. Once again, the lads are helping us navigate and demystify meaningless business-ese jargon endemic in any office setting. If you’ve ever had to sit through tedious, protracted meetings (and, let’s face it, we all have), Wankernomics 2.0 will have you grinning, sniggering and chortling with recognition.

This new iteration is even better than the previous version. As – in Wankernomics parlance – “consultants” Schloeffel and Frith have value-added to the growth architecture. They take us through LinkedIn and teach the audience how to upsell their resumé, to embiggen even the smallest of personal achievements. So you worked in a bar? The correct phrase is actually ‘you managed a range of liquid assets across a variety of clients’.

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The also do workshops on job finding, how to speak like a wanker (hot tip: pepper your vocabulary with words like “deliverables” and “synergise”), how to conduct office small talk, how to look smart in meetings when you don’t know anything and tell us what MEAFA means (Make Everything a F***ing Acronym). It’s all very, very funny, and far too relatable for many of us.

Once again, they wheel out their giant wheel to facilitate a brand story generator.

Before the duo started their intensive masterclass in Wankernomics 2.0 they made the audience collectively agree to a miniscule-print contract that states that we must give them a five-star review.

Well, guys. You got it!

Tickets: $30-$59

Wankernomics 2.0: As Per My Last Email will be performing at the Athenaeum Theatre until 21 April 2024 as part of the Melbourne International Comedy Festival (MICF 2024).

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