Comedy review: Daniel Connell: Little Aussie Battler, Fringe World, WA

A comic with the requisite flair for storytelling.
Profile photo of a man with brown hair and a black t-shirt against a blue background. Daniel Connell.

Daniel Connell’s Little Aussie Battler was a stand-up comedy show about a happy long-term marriage and family life in Melbourne that was disrupted by a home break-in and robbery. Darkly humorous and self-deprecating, Connell’s comedy took the topic of the trials and travails of declining suburban security and turned it into the stuff of absurd legend.

The eponymous “little Aussie battler” was a gullible young brigand who’d been roped into a life of crime by unscrupulous older folks. Outrage at the youth of today was tempered by bemusement and resignation. 

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Connell is a master of storytelling and spinning a good yarn. There was a zing in every tale – no storyline complete without a piquant and hilarious ending. The narrative arc of his comedy brought you back to earlier jokes, making the show feel somewhat like a journey. He is clearly a clever narrator who has honed his art and devised just the right techniques for jamming the funny, absurd and ridiculous in the right place and at the right time. Connell brought his unique brand of Melbourne sarcasm and bemusement to Perth and his show sure entertained. 

Daniel Connell: Little Aussie Battler

Daniel Connell performed from 14-18 February 2024 as part of Fringe World.

Arjun Rajkhowa lives in Perth and enjoys writing about local arts and culture.