Arjun Rajkhowa

Arjun Rajkhowa lives in Perth and enjoys writing about local arts and culture.

Arjun's Latest Articles

Profile photo of a man with brown hair and a black t-shirt against a blue background. Daniel Connell.

Comedy review: Daniel Connell: Little Aussie Battler, Fringe World, WA

A comic with the requisite flair for storytelling.

Seven figures are submerged in a pool. They are all lined up in one lane looking towards the side of the pool.

Performance review: The Pool, Perth Festival

A site-specific location makes this poolside production an innovative treat.

Dead End. Image is a spotlit women stretching behind and to the right, with the light just on the left of her body as we look at her.

Performance review: Dead End, Blue Room Theatre

A Ukrainian-Australian cast and crew's surreal presentation of being assaulted by war.

Blinded by the Whites. Image is a man in glasses with a thick moustache wearing a red and white striped track suit top and resting his chin in his palm.

Comedy review: Blinded by the Whites, Daniel Muggleton, FRINGE WORLD, WA

A comic who covers a wide range of topics, from gender and intergenerational differences to political and economic issues.

Pillow Fight. Against a black backdrop man and woman sit on a bunk bed surrounded by toys and puppets. Beside the bunk are boxes with labels like ’stuff’, ‘junk’, ‘Shane’s cool stuff’ and ‘Nadia’s baby stuff’.

Theatre review: Pillow Fight, Claremont Showground, Perth

A puppet show about sibling love and rivalry covers a vast terrain of adventures.

Phil Wang. A young man in a green and blue top is waving.

Comedy review: Wang In There, Baby! – Phil Wang, Astor Theatre, Perth

Phil Wang's comedy explores cultural differences between East and West.

The In-Between. image is a book cover showing two tiny figures on the horizon beneath the book's title, next to a head and chest shot of the author on the right, a smiling middle-aged man in a black buttoned up shirt, standing in front of foliage.

Book review: The In-Between, Christos Tsiolkas

Christos Tsiolkas' new novel is a tender and poignant tale about a later-life romance between two men.

Bacon. Image is a woman in a white wedding-like dress trying to dodge six orange balls being thrown at her.

Performance review: Bacon, A Dodgeball Named Desire, Melbourne Fringe Festival

Navigating self-acceptance and homophobia in one show, dodging a slew of balls in another, with sport versus arts.

Flake. Image is a grungy kitchen theatre set with two people sitting at a table, a young woman of Asian appearance on a stool with white shirt, grey trousers and hands on knees and an older bent over man with black trousers, white shirt, glasses and straggly grey hair.

Theatre review: Flake, Red Stitch Actors' Theatre

A story of family, connection and dislocation set in Hanoi.

Cocaine. Two young men, one is learning on the other. They are spotlit.

Performance reviews: If We Got Some More Cocaine I Could Show You How I Love you, This is Living, Melbourne Fringe Festival

Two Melbourne Fringe shows – one of which explored mischief-makers in Ireland and the other the loss of a wife…

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