Comedy review: Crazy Funny Asians, Kicks Bar, MICF 2024

Asian comedians in a high-energy show foster moments of genuine connection and lighthearted laughter.
Image is a red, yellow and pink illustration of a Chinese dragon.

Melbourne International Comedy Festival’s self-proclaimed ‘fast-paced show with non-stop laughs, featuring top Asian stand-up comedians’ intrigues from the start.

With just seven minutes to captivate the audience, each comedian creates a whirlwind of humour that keeps the show moving at breakneck speed. However, the lack of upfront information about them may have caused some jokes to miss the mark, as the audience struggles to connect immediately with the performers.

Despite this, there are moments of honest laughter when comedians and audience find common ground, forging a bond that brings the house down. To enhance the experience, providing more details about the featured comedians would’ve attracted a more targeted audience and elevated the overall enjoyment of the show. 

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Tickets: $15.50-$16.50

Crazy Funny Asians will be performing at Kicks Bar until 21 April 2024 as part of the Melbourne International Comedy Festival (MICF 2024).

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