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Peter Temple on becoming an Australian author

MILES FRANKLIN ORATION: Crime writer Peter Temple this week gave the inaugural Miles Franklin Oration at Melbourne University.


The Timbertop documentary

The Timbertop program at Geelong Grammar has become the focus of a new documentary by the ABC.


Arts Management Residency

Arts management is crucial in providing support and direction to artists.


Hong Kong calling for Lynch and Sharp

AUSSIE ABROAD: After two years in Oz, Michael Lynch and Chrissie Sharp are off again, this time to Hong Kong.…


LIVE! Singapore: big themes big questions

LIVE SINGAPORE: From Richard Evans CEO of the Sydney Opera House to Michael Lynch, soon to be head of the…


How does Australia fit globally in performing arts

LIVE! SINGAPORE: ‘Australia has a number of mice that roar on the international festival circuit,' says Richard Evans, CEO of…


Little Big Shots International Film Festival

LITTLE BIG SHOTS FILM FESTIVAL: Launched in 2004 by a father who wanted to expose his children to a variety…


Four on the floor - LIVE! Singapore trade show

LIVE! SINGAPORE: ArtsHub catches up with Strange Fruit, Polyglot, Opera Australia, Symphony Services Australia and management company dmand, who are…


It's all about who you'll meet at LIVE! Singapore

LIVE! SINGAPORE: Why has LIVE! Singapore in only its second year caught the attention of performing arts professionals around the…


Simon Burke

Simon Burke is one of Australia's most accomplished and respected performers.

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