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A town hall event will audience and colourful lighting in room. City of Sydney.

What a $20 million lifeline for Sydney’s cultural life buys

‘Our creative workforce increasingly can’t afford to live or work here,’ Clover Moore, Lord Mayor. ArtsHub look at the City…

Literary agent. Image is a young Caucasian person on the phone sitting at a desk and throwing pages in the air in frustration.

5 tips for finding a literary agent

So you have your manuscript ready, but how do you go about finding an agent to represent you?

The Blak Infinite. Image is artwork of cartoon like spaceships with people falling out of them.

Thinking about aliens – The Blak Infinite envelops Fed Square this RISING

Behind the spaceships and bright lights in this RISING program of free events and installations lies a deeper story.

cat in a book. Tabby cat sits in a studio on a pile of papers or manuscripts. It is facing the left and looking off into the distance. The studio is filled with books and detritus and there is a woman in the background doing some sort of admin.

Look, look, a cat in a book! (part 2)

Still don't have enough cat books in your life? Here are 10 more books, especially for the young.

Melbourne Art Book Fair returns for its 10th anniversary. Photo: Sean Fennessy. Photo of different art books with a range of bespoke covers.

Are art books an anomaly in the publishing industry?

As Melbourne Art Book Fair gears for its 10th anniversary, ArtsHub asks how art and design books have survived the…

Writers are flocking to Substack, which promises to monetise their content. Substack. Image is a red background covered in black dots. In front of it stands an older white man wearing an eye patch over his right eye, a grey suit and tie. His left hand is resting on his jacket button and he is waving with his right.

Is Substack changing the lives of Australian writers?

Australian writers are flocking to the popular platform, which promises to centre the experience of the writer and reader.

A long haired cat sits in front of a book shelf looking at the camera.

Look, look, a cat in a book! (part one)

Want to read some books with feline characters in there? Here are 10 purrfect choices.

Poetry. Image is a sheet of paper with some lines written across it and a fountain pen with the lid off.

Is poetry really 'the tyrannical discipline'?

This is how Sylvia Plath described the art form, but three contemporary poets have very different views.

Image is an illustration of a huge book towering over a little grassy hill on which there is a red chair and a small chair. There is a golden glow over everything and a setting sun over a forest in the background with some birds in the distant sky.

Book trailers: moveable blurbs on screen

Book trailers are visual shortcuts and can be part of a targeted marketing plan.

Image is a bookshop with floor to ceiling shelves and a ladder to reach to the top. Bookshops.

Brisbane's bookshops: navigating challenges with community and innovation

Sales are down nationally, but book shops in Brisbane are moving with the times and seeing rewards.

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