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Two panels. On the left is a headshot of a brunette man with a light beard, black top, white shirt and tie. On the right is a book cover with 'Big Time' written repetitively in different colours.

Book review: Big Time, Jordan Prosser

Jordan Prosser’s much-touted first novel sometimes flies off its own tracks, but is nonetheless a very impressive debut.

Two panels. On left is smiling headshot of Asian man wearing glasses and a suit and tie. On the right is cover of a book cover full of high rise buildings with 'Ghost Cities" in black.

Book review: Ghost Cities, Siang Lu

A playful and metafictional novel about storytelling, Chinese history and contemporary society.

Two panels. On the left is a headshot of a woman with short blonde hair and a blue scarf. On the right is a cover of a book with "Murder in Punch Lane' written in white over an image of a (headless) woman wearing a white dress surrounded by foliage.

Book review: Murder in Punch Lane, Jane Sullivan

A crime novel set in the laneways and high society of 19th century Melbourne.

Lighting designer Paul Jackson nominated in the 2024 APDG Awards for 'Do Not Go Gentle', Sydney Theatre Company. A stage set lit in blue light depicting a group of five people huddling and finding their way in a harsh snowy landscape.

Opportunities and awards

Matched funding opportunities, plus shortlist and nominees unveiled for Emerging Writers' Awards, Art Music Awards, National Architecture Awards and Bowness…

Two panels. On the left is a photo of a man with dark hair wearing a black t-shirt. On the right is the cover of a book with 'Oblivion' in white. There's a picture of a silhouette woman overlaid with views of a city.

Book review: Oblivion, Patrick Holland

Holland's latest novel is the antithesis to a high-octane thriller.

Two panels. On left is a profile photo of a woman with wavy hair tied up. She has a khaki shirt on. On right is book cover with "The Mire" in yellow overlaying image of a bird flying over a swamp.

Book review: The Mires, Tina Makereti

Set in the near future, the novel tracks a small community through explorations of place, ideology and ecology.

Two panels. On the left, a woman with curly brown hair is standing against a colourful wall. On the right is the cover of a book. The image is of a face set among golden honeycomb. The words "Alice Robinson" and "If you Go" are broken up.

Book review: If You Go, Alice Robinson

The relationships between mothers and children are explored in a futuristic setting.

A hand cradling a small globe. Poetry Month

Poetry Month 2024 goes international

This year, Poetry Month expands its remit to reach an overseas audience in a collaboration with a UK poetry and…

Writers' festivals. A tiny papercut man in black holding up a page of a book.

5 tips to maximise your chances of being a guest at writers' festivals

It's not easy to find yourself on the invitation list of literary festivals, but here are some ideas worth trying.

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