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Immersive experience. Image is of multicoloured tree trunks without leaves and a blue pathway leading through them.

A look at the immersive shift in Australia's cultural sector and how to fund it

REMIX Summit 2023 in Perth delved into "The Immersive Revolution" and what this could mean for funding models in Australia.


Dome screening review: XYZZY: Jess Johnson and Simon Ward, Neversphere

‘XYZZY’ is a visual and aural journey that tilts our world upside down.


Event review: MIFF XR, Melbourne

Is the physical body at stake in VR?

A white and grey human sized robot looking down against a grey sky.

Sharp rise of AI: artists’ friend or foe?

Artists’ views on whether AI is an ally or enemy in this bold new era.


Queensland champions for neurodiverse artists

Neurodiverse artist Martin Edge and Pia Robinson are encouraging others to see through a different lens with a new augmented…

visitors experiencing Frida Kahlo immersive exhibition

Immersive exhibition review: Frida Kahlo –The Life of an Icon

This Frida Kahlo exhibition successfully extends the possibilities of an immersive art experience.


ACMI VR Commissions push against the limits

As Tully Arnot’s latest VR project is unveiled at ACMI, ArtsHub takes a look at how the Mordant Family Commission…


How AI art benefits from a human touch

Instead of AI threatening creativity and originality, artists have the power to examine its implicit biases and steer its direction.


Digital activation the focus at regional arts centre

Recently opened in March, Singleton Arts and Cultural Centre receives ‘future-focused’ investment to up its digital offerings.

A hand silhouetted against smoke and gum tree leaves.

Some practical steps to truth-telling in museums

Calls for First Nations truth-telling are growing louder in Australian politics. What does that look like within the museum sector?

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