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fortyfivedownstairs plans to stick around despite development woes

The multi-arts space is threatened by a neighbouring development but has no plans to call it quits.


10 years of bringing art into everyday lives

The Junction Arts Festival team reflect on the festival’s past, present and future at Artlands 2021.


How festivals are coming out of COVID

After 2020’s postponements, festivals are back with a renewed focus on the local, exciting audiences across the nation.


Inspiration during isolation: The long-term benefits of artist residencies

From playful figures to bathtub performances, artists are using the intense residencies of their past to create unexpected new works…


Can you have a sustainable career in cabaret?

Artists and artistic directors discuss the cabaret sector’s state of health, and offer advice for career development and sustainability.


Transgender, cabaret, and working in retail

Shop assistants and department stores are rich pickings for comedians. Cabaret performer Zeb Direen uses a transgender character to explore…


Taking the pulse of cabaret

Co-Artistic Director of the 2016 Adelaide Cabaret Festival, Eddie Perfect, reflects on the art form’s health and what the festival…


The changing face of cabaret

In the last 15 years, cabaret has grown from a niche art form to mainstream entertainment. We find out why,…


Adelaide Cabaret: The 'perfect' festival

ADELAIDE CABARET FESTIVAL: Ready for a long weekend at the 'perfect' festival? Just select your favourite accommodation, take in a…

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