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The White Cockatoo Flowers Stories. Image on left is a headshot of a man of Chinese appearance, with head turned towards the camera. On the right is a book cover, which is black with an illustration of a white sulphur crested cockatoo sitting on a branch of a pomegranate tree with a couple of the fruits above it.

Book review: The White Cockatoo Flowers: Stories, Ouyang Yu

'The White Cockatoo Flowers; Stories' is the first collection of stories published by Chinese-Australian author Ouyang Yu in English.

Sanctuary. On the left is a full body author shot of a white man in black standing on a forest path with his hands in his pockets. On the right is the book cover of a dusty outback road heading into off towards the horizon.

Book review: Sanctuary, Garry Disher

A gripping story of an unconventional thief who longs for normality.

The full Sydney Symphony Orchestra in concert, as viewed from the dress circle of a concert hall.

Transforming pain into passion: the inspiring power of great music

Sydney Symphony Orchestra’s May and June concerts feature an inspiring mix of works as well as fascinating fusions of classical…

ScreenHub's award-winning Rascal at Large David Tiley. Image supplied.

David Tiley, much-loved ScreenHub Editor, dies

Tiley was regarded not just as a champion and subject matter expert in the screen industry but as a cherished…

A young white woman in a tartan skirt and music band T shirt is at the back of the stage, which has draped material hanging around it. Closer to the camera with his back to us is a white balding middle aged man sitting in a chair and looking at the girl. The Exact Dimensions of Hell.

Theatre review: The Exact Dimensions of Hell, fortyfivedownstairs

Predatory and sexual violence against a minor is played out through witchcraft tropes.

A fair-haired woman in a long grey cardigan over black clothes stands with arms outstretched on centre stage. She is framed by two actors with their backs to the camera, red-haired woman on the left and a brown-haired man on the right.

How live performance bring HSC texts to vivid, unforgettable life

Actor Mark Barry returns to his alma mater, the Actors Centre Australia (ACA) to act in Beckett’s ‘Waiting for Godot’…

Australian Women in Music Awards 2024 open for nominations. Image: Sarah McLeod and Nina Korbe to perform at AWMA 2024. Photo: Guy Davies. McLeod has short cropped hair with smoky makeup, wearing a leather jacket, holding a bass and sitting on top of a piano. Beside her, Korbe is sitting, wearing a low neckline black dress with black heels. She has brown curly hair and a powerful expression. Both of them are presented in a powerful and beautiful manner against a backstage environment.

Opportunities and awards

International funding and scholarship opportunities, plus winners of UniSQ inaugural Biennial Art Awards, and more!

Jessica Nothdurft, 'The Cage', 2023, bronze, cotton and human hair. Installation view in 'Silly Girl' at artisan. Photo: ArtsHub. A small bronze figure with a blue striped dress, no facial expressions and long hair trapped inside a small bronze square cage.

Artist hopes to generate awareness and 'release emotions' this Domestic and Family Violence Prevention Month

Artist Jessica Nothdurft shares her experiences and emotions in an endeavour to generate greater awareness of domestic violence.

Peter Weir's 1981 film Gallipoli is 'perhaps the single most influential text on Anzac'. image: Associated R&R Films. Image is two young white actors dressed as diggers in on the fields of Gallipoli during the First World War.

Anzac Day and art: challenging Australia's cherished day

Anzac art serves as a comfort, celebration, acknowledgment and interrogation of one of Australia’s most valued holidays.

An elderly white female artist wearing bold red rimmed glasses in her ceramics studio.

How art trails are building pipelines of new gallery audiences

Artists’ open house art trails are often very popular events in their own right. But they are also a big…

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