Performance review: FEAST Festival, Adelaide

Adelaide's LGBTQIA+ Festival is here, and showcasing some incredible local talent.
Feast Festival. Image is a drag king with exaggerated makeup and holding a boom box on their shoulder.

FEAST Festival is an annual event in the city of Adelaide, which celebrates the queer and LGBTQIA+ communities. Running until 19 November, the Festival offers something for everyone – from comedy nights to art exhibitions, walking tours, pool parties and so much more in between.

These reviews are only a snapshot of the vibrant queer scene in Adelaide this month, and you should check out what else is happening at FEAST while you still can.

Rapid Fire

Queer poetry is in a league of its own, sharing the inner thoughts and feelings that are currently resonating through the community. Rapid Fire invited 11 local poets and wordsmiths to the Adelaide stage for five minutes each to share their stories.

From all corners of SA, this talented group of queer individuals showcased the highs and lows of life in its many forms. Aptly placed in the arts focused venue of Carclew, audiences were treated to the beautifully historic architecture while waiting for the performance to start.

The event itself was mostly filled with tales of joy and love, of laughs and queer friendship. But it also featured poetry about the heartbreak of leaving your religion, perspectives on war overseas and the realisation that you will never be your father’s perfect child.

Each poet brought their own unique voice to the stage and, in doing so, brought out the audience’s emotions.

The host of the event was Caitlin Ellen Moore, a writer, activist and freelance creative producer. You could feel her disappointment each time a poet finished early, meaning she couldn’t ding the bell to cut them off. Moore was also one of the 11 poets, sharing a funny and insightful story about Carclew’s ghost.

Some of the standout performances of the evening included Tracy McNally, who shared hilarious analogies on being a bisexual woman married to a man, and the sincere story of doctors ignoring her pain. Cecilia Ronson’s performance was unique as she took three words from the crowd to improvise a performance in under five minutes.

Jacinta Way brought to the stage hilarious tales of love and lust. Her energy was infectious and all in attendance will never think about potato salad the same again. Arantza Garcia similarly impressed the audience with her poem on how to date a woman, which was filled to the brim with relatability and beautiful prose.

With joyful and creative energy permeating the room, Rapid Fire was an enjoyable event for all.

The poets of Rapid Fire:

Caitlin Ellen Moore, Chris Jaksa, Tracy McNally, Carissa Fischer, Jacinta Way, Drew Cuffley, Nadia Patterson, Cecilia Ronson, Arantza Garcia, Katherine Sortini and Stephanie Mylan.


Rapid Fire was held at Carclew for one night only on 8 November 2023.

Drag Kings and Queens Queertacular!

Hosted by Annie Schofield of the Finest Filth, Drag Kings and Queens Queertacular! was a vibrant and enjoyable event filled with a variety of drag performances.

Schofield had an upbeat and hilarious announcement for each act as they entered the small stage.

Heidi Gun Burlesque started off the show with a tantalising and fun performance, finishing with dance fans blazing across the stage like fire. Having been brought on that day to replace a sick performer, she pulled the performance off very well.

Drag King Jonnie Noir took to the stage next, dazzling the audience with his nose flute skills. His energy on stage was infectious and hilarious as he took more and more “drugs”, hyping up his performance more each time.

Miss Thermodynamics was up next with an emotional and dramatic ballad. She didn’t bring the mood down though, as right after a short intermission, she was back on stage with some entertaining stand-up comedy.

XAi stunned audiences with their gorgeously sparkly outfit and dramatic lashes, outright owning the stage in true drag queen fashion.

Loveit Murray, was certainly a standout of the show, with a modest strip tease and infectious energy on stage. The drag king hails from Mount Gambier.

The show ended with an impressive performance by Ariel Drop, a self-titled circus queen. They performed three chair balancing acts, all while singing along to Lady Gaga and wearing heels, which made it even more spectacular.

My Lover Cindi was the perfect venue for the event, not only as the debut venue for the Finest Filth’s first show back in 2021, but also as a vibrant queer bar in Adelaide’s CBD.

However, there was limited seating. As the crowd filled up the venue’s stage area, some latecomers were left standing for most of the show.

Regardless, Queertacular was certainly spectacularly queer. It was fun and the start of a great night out, as the venue hosted Saturgay right after, with even more drag performances.


Drag Kings and Queens Queertacular! was held at My Lover Cindi for one night only on 11 November 2023.

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