Comedy review: Jennifer Wong: The Sweet and Sour Hour Power, Chinese Museum, MICF 2024

A night of clever puns and interactive fun.
Jennifer Wong. Image is a headshot of a smiling woman of Asian appearance wearing glasses. She has long dark hair and a side parting, plus a pink shirt. Her head is slightly tilted to the right.

Looking for a delightful and introspective evening filled with laughter? Look no further than The Sweet and Sour Hour Power presented by the talented Jennifer Wong of the ABC’s Chopsticks or Fork? Wong’s performance invites the audience on a journey of vitality and joy.

From the moment guests arrive, Wong personally greets them at the door, setting a warm tone for the night. Cementing herself as the queen of puns, Wong wastes no time diving into her act by testing the audience’s pun-comprehension levels. She litters her show with clever wordplay and encourages the crowd to groan loudly at each pun they catch.

Throughout the night, Wong seamlessly transitions her material: from her experience with yoga, tai chi, ballet and spin cycling class, to ultimately land on her favourite exercise: archery. She notes that it’s her top pick because ‘you stand absolutely still and aim low’. 

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As a parting gift, Wong invites the audience to participate in an activity combining wordplay and archery lessons. As a final touch, she ensures that everyone leaves with a booklet filled with puns to enjoy at home, adding a lasting touch of humour to the night.

Tickets: $25-$30

Jennifer Wong: The Sweet and Sour Hour Power will be performing at Chinese Museum until 21 April 2024 as part othe Melbourne International Comedy Festival (MICF 2024).

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