Comedy review: Andy Balloch, Killing Time, The Motley Bauhaus, MICF 2024

The clock is ticking, but you can still catch this show if you hurry...
Against a green leafy wallpaper backdrop a white man with blond hair and a green jacket grimaces at the camera and has a spooky skeleton hand on his shoulder.

Andy Balloch is a vision in a black sequin jumpsuit. With a martini in hand, he welcomes us into his warmly lit apartment where a game night is ready to commence in approximately one hour. Coincidentally, about the length of the show. 

Balloch is charming, warm and immediately likeable. He has stellar comedic timing and a great use of props combined with clever set design.

The evening has a variety of different elements, including stand-up, sketch comedy, character work and slam poetry/lyric recitation. His material ranges from light-hearted reminiscing about growing up in the 90s with dreams of pop superstardom to heavier subject matter – his multiple brushes with death, and discovering his sexuality during the AIDs crisis.

These are difficult subjects to base a comedy show on, but Balloch delivers with obvious care and passion. Overall, this show may benefit from a reduced scope, or a longer performance time to address its heavier material.

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In theme with the show’s title, counting and time is a constant presence – from counting down until game night starts, to counting down until a bomb on set explodes, to measuring inane items in hamburgers. We’re encouraged to reconsider how we perceive and appreciate time. In view of that, it’s safe to say that an hour spent with Andy Balloch is an hour well spent.

Tickets: $26.34-$32.42

The final three performances of Andy Balloch: Killing Time are at The Motley Bauhaus Theatrette at pm until 21 April as part of the Melbourne International Comedy Festival (MICF 2024).