A burgeoning career path that links arts and law

Why important career prospects are quickly emerging at the nexus between art and law.
Lawyer turned artist Brett Lethbridge's 'Justice' depicts the scales of justice. It is the cover artwork of 'Research Handbook on Art and Law', co-edited by McCutcheon about art and law's interactions. Image: Supplied.

The inextricable connection between artistic and legal careers is undeniable. Lawyers have long used artistic means to better convey their ideas and to challenge unjust laws. Meanwhile, many prominent artists integrate the law into their works to advocate against and bring attention to gross injustices.

As lawyers and artists realise their combined power in creating social change, the two careers’ inseparable relationship is gradually becoming more recognised. This was explored in an earlier ArtsHub article about artist-lawyers fostering change around gendered violence.

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Leo Chau is a freelance writer living in Western Sydney on unceded Dharug land. He currently studies journalism at UTS, hoping to contribute to promoting diverse voices in the arts and media. His topic interests are varied, some of which include multiculturalism, politics, culture, sociology and history.