Leo Chau

Leo Chau is a freelance writer living in Western Sydney on unceded Dharug land. He currently studies journalism at UTS, hoping to contribute to promoting diverse voices in the arts and media. His topic interests are varied, some of which include multiculturalism, politics, culture, sociology and history.

Leo's Latest Articles

Alana Hunt, 'Cups of nun chai’, 2010-20 which explores the ongoing territorial conflict in Kashmir. Photo: Courtesy of the Artist. A hand flicking a newspaper.

The controversies of ‘political art' exploring war and violence

Examining the relationship between politics and the arts, and whether Australians are sensitive towards topics of war or violence.

‘The Nightingale and Other Fables’ upcoming at Adelaide Festival 2024, directed by Robert Lepage. Photo: Michael Cooper. A performer in traditional Chinese garment standing on a rooftop with a branch extending out into the violet night sky.

Orientalism, a stain that taints Australian opera?

From yellowface to chinoiserie – Orientalism pervades Western stages, so will that include Adelaide Festival’s upcoming, lauded centrepiece opera?

‘A Bucket of Beetles’ at Sydney Festival 2024. Photo: Rendha Rais & Rangga Yudhistira. Performers dressed in earth-coloured clothing holding a small puppet in the middle.

Performance reviews: A Bucket of Beetles and White Gold, Sydney Festival

Sydney Festival celebrates the beauty of Southeast Asian performing arts with two socially impactful organisations.

‘Big Name, No Blankets’ premiered at Sydney Festival 2024. Photo: Brett Boardman. Close up of some of the cast of Big Name No Blankets, a man in front has his arms up holding clapsticks, bright stage lights in the background give the feeling of an epic rock show.

Performance review: Big Name, No Blankets, Sydney Festival

Sydney Festival’s electrifying show about the Warumpi Band whose music changed lives, is one that truly rocks.

Plushies at the centre of the ‘Constellations’ exhibition at Leo Kelly Blacktown Arts Centre. Photo: Jennifer Leahy, SilverSalt Photography.

Constellations – creating community in Western Sydney

Engaging with the network of collectives that enrich and characterise Western Sydney's rich arts scene.

Lawyer turned artist Brett Lethbridge's 'Justice' depicts the scales of justice. It is the cover artwork of 'Research Handbook on Art and Law', co-edited by McCutcheon about art and law's interactions. Image: Supplied.

A burgeoning career path that links arts and law

Why important career prospects are quickly emerging at the nexus between art and law.

Ramses. Image is a person in an exhibition looking at a range of Ancient Egyptian artefacts and an outer coffin.

Exhibition review: Ramses & the Gold of the Pharaohs, Australian Museum

A harmonious blend of ancient wonders and modern innovation that explores the life of the illustrious pharaoh, Ramses the Great.

'Hajji and her daughters', an artwork by Amani Haydar. Image: Supplied, courtesy of Amani Haydar.

Arts with law: a complementary and powerful combination

Creating social change and addressing the inadequacies of systems around gendered violence, through arts and law's intersection.

Sibyl. image is a range of performers on a dark stage in wide outlandish costumes, one of whom is holding a large broom and casting a huge shadow on a backdrop that is also covered in projections of newspaper front covers.

Opera review: Sibyl, Sydney Opera House

A creative South African performance that dazzles the senses, ‘Sibyl’ marks a new era for Sydney's famed icon.

Boom. image is of two figures standing back to back and looking to either side, on a purple set.

Theatre review: Boom, KXT on Broadway

Looking at the bridge between our past and future with a heartfelt Singaporean story that traverses borders.

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