Teaching Miss Peony 牡丹小姐: a high school teacher’s perspective

Theatre studies teacher Shane Woon talks about choosing diverse shows for students, and interviews playwright Michelle Law about her latest trilingual work.

I believe the most important tradition in education is the art of storytelling. Stories connect us. They help us grow, learn about ourselves and develop empathy for the plight of others. Most importantly, they allow us to hope and dream.

It’s through storytelling that Drama and Theatre Studies teachers are empowered to transform and shape the lives and experiences of the young people we teach. And this is why I endeavour to choose shows that are going to get my students to reflect upon themselves, to see worlds beyond their own, and to see what is possible for their futures.

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Shane Woon is an experienced VCE Theatre Studies teacher and currently a learning specialist for Deep and Student Centred Learning at Suzanne Cory High School.