Esther Anatolitis

Esther Anatolitis is one of Australia’s most influential advocates for the arts. She is Deputy Chair of Contemporary Arts Precincts, the team behind Collingwood Yards, and Honorary Associate Professor at RMIT School of Art. Esther has led arts and media organisations across all artforms, and her consultancy Test Pattern focuses on creative practice, policy and precincts, as well as advocacy and public value. A hallmark of Esther’s arts leadership career has been her tenacious civic engagement, ensuring that artists’ voices and arts issues feature prominently on political agendas. This work has ranged from strategic development and private advice to public events, regional marginal seat forums, candidates’ debates, specialist workshops and Australia’s first advocacy training program for the arts. A prolific writer, Esther’s work regularly appears in literary journals, newspapers, and across the arts and design media. Her book Place, Practice, Politics is published by Spurbuch. Follow her on Twitter: @_esther.

Esther's Latest Articles

Opinions & Analysis

Let’s make this election personal

With just a few days left until election day, Esther Anatolitis argues that it’s time to make our advocacy personal.

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Opinions & Analysis

Artists to political candidates: ‘Inspire us’

Speaking at the recent Federal Arts and Culture Policy Forum, Esther Anatolitis called on our politicians to offer policies that…

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Career Advice

Five strategies for flourishing in political change

Feeling election fatigue already? Esther Anatolitis’ new book Place, Practice, Politics is an indispensable caution against political disengagement, offering galvanising…

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Opinions & Analysis

Election looming, so where is the arts policy?

We don’t need to wait for political parties to release formal arts and cultural policies when their unwritten policies are…

Opinions & Analysis

Temporary measures, uncertain future: Budget 2022-23

How best to imagine our future after floods, pandemic, war and more? It’s the challenge confronting electoral candidates across Australia…

Opinions & Analysis

Practical arts activism for the election year

What can you actually do to swing the federal election? Quite a lot, argues arts advocate Esther Anatolitis.

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Opinions & Analysis

Campaigning for culture this election

With a Federal Election looming in 2022, Esther Anatolitis takes a strategic look at at how the arts can push…

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Opinions & Analysis

‘Sculpting’ a plan, ‘igniting’ an economy

The recent Parliamentary Inquiry into the Arts has plenty to ignite passions and inspire change.

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Opinions & Analysis

Resetting Australia’s public arts agenda

A series of conversations in Adelaide wants to put the arts at the centre of recovery efforts.

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Making an arts advocacy plan

With the next federal election likely for the first quarter of 2022, arts organisations are gearing up for big impact.

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