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Is it ever okay to lie on your C.V.?

Following the recent news that a major Yahoo shareholder got caught after lying about the computing degree he never actually…


The Stream / The Boat / The Shore / The Bridge

NEXT WAVE: A thoughtful, playful, evocative and transformative live art experience centred around and upon Melbourne’s Yarra River.

Career Advice

Acing a phone interview

Having to complete a job interview over the phone can be a blessing or a curse, but with a few…


Esther Anatolitis is the new director of RAV

Melbourne Fringe Festival CEO Esther Anatolitis is now the director of Regional Arts Victoria.


ASA concerned over budget cuts to TAFE

Last week’s Victorian budget caused major concern among the TAFE community, with staff cuts and resources slashed from libraries.


Blackfella Films @ Sydney Film Festival

In a partnership to rival all others, the Sydney Film Festival is collaborating with Blackfella Films to provide the best…


New appointments for the Australia Council

Two new chairs have been appointed to the Australia Council for the Arts Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Arts Board…


Controversy over $20,000 grant for metal band

3AW shock-jock has questioned the artistic merit of death metal, after band OUROBOROS received $20,000 from the Australia Council to…


Short film Cockatoo selected for esteemed festival

The Australian flickerfest winner, Cockatoo has been announced as a participating feature of the prestigious North American festival, CFC Worldwide…


Maiden. Monarch. Superfreak. The Queen's in town

Monarch. Maiden. Superfreak. She makes lady Godiva look like a saint, but then again it’s not easy being a Queen

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